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10 Savvy Speakers To Bring A Local Connection To Your Event

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Selecting a keynote speaker for your event is a difficult task. Like Goldilocks, a meeting planner has to be wary of the extremes: you don’t want someone “too hot” (trendy and forgettable) or “too cool” (just plain boring). Every organization has a social climate, and a speaker has to match it.

Like with their menu items, many planners are opting to “go local” with their speaker selections. And it makes sense; not only does a homegrown speaker provide the perfect local link to your Montréal meeting, oftentimes they are more cost effective (savings on airfare, hotel, etc). Fortunately, Montréal has countless personalities to choose from.

Ranging from athletes to business mavens, here is a sample of 10 speakers who might just be the perfect temperature for your Montréal meeting.

(Hat tip to our industry partners over at National Speakers Bureau!)

Chantal Petitclerc

Chantal Petitclerc

Paralympic Champion and World Record Holder

A paraplegic from the age of 13, Chantal set about on a mission of success, and along the way has tester her limits in her passion for sports. Flash forward a few decades and Chantal has led wheelchair racing to new levels — and she’s personally been inducted into the Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame. Absolutely charming and inspiring, Chantal is a gold medal athlete and gold medal speaker.

Key themes: Motivation, Inspiration, Productivity, Sport

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Andre Picard

André Picard

Award-Winning National Public Health Writer

As one of the best journalists in Canada, André Picard shares his perspective on public health through his The Globe & Mail column. He is the author of numerous books and has received much acclaim for his writing and for his dedication to improving healthcare. Perfect local connection for events in life sciences sectors — or any association that needs a distinguished perspective on mental health.

Key themes: Current Events, Heath, Public Policy, Youth

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Stephan Maighan

Stephan Maighan

Inspiration and Transformation Expert

Over the years, Stephan’s drive and his ‘zero-excuse’ attitude have helped him lead some of North America’s most successful sales teams. A true entrepreneur, Stephan is the founder of a Canadian distribution company that sells products and apparel in over 400 retail outlets nationwide. A perfect fit for teams in transition!

Key themes: Business, Productivity, Strategy, Change Management

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Chantal Hebert

Chantal Hébert

National Affairs Columnist

A savvy national affairs writer with the Toronto Star and a weekly participant on a political panel at CBC, Chantal is a familiar face to most Canadians. Thought provoking yet entertaining, Chantal bridges the gap between your association and the greater political landscape. She’s the type of speaker that both business and academic audiences adore.

Key themes: Current Events, Politics, Research

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Mike Bossy

Mike Bossy

Hockey Hall of Famer

Speaking from a personal record of high achievement, Mike Bossy, a former hockey superstar-turned-businessman, offers informed and entertaining presentations on what it takes today to create a winning competitive strategy. Comedic and engaging, Mike is a crowd favourite!

Key themes: Business, Productivity, Athletics, Strategy

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Bernard Voyer

Bernard Voyer

First North American Explorer to Reach the Seven Summits

A renowned explorer, Bernard Voyer has more than 30 years of expeditions and adventures to his credit. He has realized his dream of completing a mountaineer’s world tour – climbing the highest peaks of every continent, and reaching the North and South Poles. With his imagery and storytelling, Bernard offers major “wow” factor.

Key themes: Motivation, Inspiration, Adventure, Overcoming fear

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sue montgomery

Sue Montgomery

Journalist and Human Rights Advocate

Force of nature and delightful speaker, Sue has worked as a journalist in such places as Haiti, Rwanda and the former Czechoslovakia (just as the Velvet Revolution was unfolding). While many of her subjects (such as sexual violence) are serious, Montgomery approaches her work with a healthy sense of humour. After all she’s witnessed, she still believes in the kindness of humans.

Key themes: Health, Human Rights, Social Change, Student Life

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Alex Bilodeau

Alexandre Bilodeau

History-making Canadian Athlete

When he became the first Canadian athlete in history to win a gold medal on home turf at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Alexandre Bilodeau captured the imagination (and hearts) of an entire nation. His personal story of the incredible support around him, including his ever-smiling brother Frédéric, born with cerebral palsy, will open your event on a heart-warming note.

Key themes: Inspiration, Performance, Relationship Building, Focus

Learn more about Alexandre Bilodeau… 

Angelo Tsarouchas

Angelo Tsarouchas

Stand Up Comedian and Actor

Angelo Tsarouchas has more than just a pretty mobster face. Known as “The Hitman of Hilarity,” this Canadian actor/comedian is in high demand on the global comedy stage and with TV and movie industries. Funny yet respectful, the larger-than-life Montréal native is a total slam-dunk with both entertainment industry and corporate crowds.

Key themes: Humour, Media, Entertainment, Celebrity Culture

Learn more about Angelo Tsarouchas… 

Daniele Sauvageau 

Danièle Sauvageau

Olympian, undercover cop, speaker and mentor

From undercover narcotics work with the Montréal Urban Police to coaching the Canadian women’s hockey team to Olympic gold, her skillset is akin to James Bond. Drawing on her expertise in human resources management, coaching, leadership, situation assessment, communication and the formation of winning teams, Danièle speaks eloquently on various topics related to performance.

Key themes: Leadership, Communication, Coaching, Workplace Culture

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