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8 New Tech Gadgets That Will Influence Events in 2016

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As event professionals, we need to stay on top of the trends. Why? Because the evolution of technology will inevitably shape how we plan meetings in the coming years.

Here are eight tech gadgets that will influence the event industry in 2016 and beyond!

virtual reality

Virtual reality (on your mobile devise). Various forms of virtual reality appeared frequently at meetings in 2015 (including the local C2 Montréal), largely because they offer gaming and education opportunities for attendees. And while the hardware of virtual reality (headsets) continues to evolve, what we haven’t seen yet is a widely accessible consumer product. That could change in 2016, when mobile phones doubles as a VR viewers. 


HoloLens. In addition to virtual reality, we will see the further development of holograms. In the short term, this will simply add a futuristic “wow factor” to meetings. However, in the coming years, we will see the most in-demand keynote speakers making appearances as holograms. Microsoft’s HoloLens is pushing the envelope.


Countertop cocktail machines. Hot on the heels of the artisanal mixology trend comes the cocktail equivalent of what Nespresso did for “DIY” coffee. Yes folks, the robotic bartender has arrived. The world’s first app-controlled computerized bartending appliance mixes cocktails and infuses bitters to make the perfect bevy in seconds. Sure it’s bit gimmicky, but this type of machine could be a fun (and practical) way to quench large cocktail-craving crowds.

Quantum dot

Quantum dot displays. Nanocrystal displays render as much as a 30% increase in the visible spectrum, while using 30 to 50% less power than LCDs. If that jargon doesn’t mean anything to you, here’s what you need to know: it’s the screen of the future. You’ll be seeing more TV, mobile and gaming equipment with quantum dot screens. (The QD market is said to approach $4.6 Billion by 2021. So get your stocks now.)

aluminum battery

Ultra fast battery charging. Those tech-wizards over at Stanford University have invented a high-performance aluminum battery that’s fast-charging, long-lasting and inexpensive. Whether we’ll receive the technology in 2016 is still unknown, but eventually we should all be able to charge our devises in about one minute. And for busy event professionals, this news is something even better than aluminum — it’s gold.


Drones. Okay, so they’re not terribly new, but drones will continue to influence our meetings — especially the way we document them. For large outdoor events, expect the most forward-thinking video and photography professionals to be using cameras installed on drones.


Hoverboards and MoHawks. While walking will never go out of style, the options for how we get from point A to point B continue to diversify. Not only are we going to see personal-based transport devises on displayed in trade shows, but also we’ll see them making their way into ice-breaker events and city tours. Missy Elliot’s recent video featured the first case of high-profile hoverboard break dancing, and MoHawks were highlighted on The Kelly and Michael Show. The future is here.


Tesla Powerwall. Overall, solar power will continue to impact the potential of green meetings. At this point, Tesla’s new Powerwall (a device stores electricity generated from solar panels) won’t affect large-scale conventions, but what it will impact is where we can hold small meetings. Powered by the sun, off-grid destinations will become trendy for premium boutique meetings.


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