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FMAV: Putting Connection at the Heart of a Brand

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The largest Canadian-owned audiovisual and event technology solutions provider has recently introduced a new corporate brand, visual identity and website. Previously known as FrischkornMEDIACO, the nation-wide company has moved towards a cleaner and more elegant moniker: they are now known as FMAV.

It’s not about glitzy lights

While many AV companies market themselves on their abilities for massive projections and crystal clear audio, the overarching idea driving the new FMAV brand strategy is far more simple: human connection. Sure, FMAV is certainly capable of delivering mammoth technological installations—at the Westjet Christmas party (pictured below) they featured the largest indoor projection ever staged in Alberta—but they also believe that all event visuals and sounds should function as a tool to augment meaningful moments. Live events contain an emotional dimension for planners, presenters and participants, and this is the differentiating value proposition that the rebranded FMAV focuses on.

Their methodology to create connection is a three-step process:

  • Understand the unique goals and requirements of each event
  • Provide expertise and technology to create and optimize connection
  • Execute flawlessly

audiovisual company

Virtual reality is here

While human connection is key, technological advances are inevitably shaping our shared experiences. FMAV understands that immersive experiences are the future and that a number of opportunities exist to incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) solutions into association conferences, meetings and events in exciting ways. VR devices/headsets can demonstrate products, locations and experiences. For instance, at CSAE’s recent annual Tête-à-Tête show in Ottawa, FMAV demonstrated VR as an exciting tool for conference planners. Now the question is how can the tool help your attendees experience a new product or learn something new? FMAV offers options.

Case study: Never Settle

For one of Canada’s premier pharmaceutical companies, FMVA developed a 60-minute high intensity 3D cityscape that culminated in an explosion of fireworks. Here’s a glimpse into the process…

How to get started

The redesigned FMAV website showcases the company’s new branding and features a responsive and easy-to-navigate design. Visitors have the opportunity to browse through useful content, including blog posts, and case studies geared at helping planners achieve their goals. Furthermore, the downloadable workbook (available at guides the user through the different types of connections and provides insights into the technology priorities to help steer those decisions.

Cheat Sheet

Company: FMAV
Locations: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax
Twitter: @FMAVCanada


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