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Tailor-made experiences with “Productions WOW”

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For the past 17 years, Productions WOW has been organizing grand moments — events are their main domain. Specializing in turnkey events for businesses, WOW is able to oversee all stages in conception, planning and execution. Furthermore, to reflect the objectives and aspirations of each client, WOW offers only tailor-made experiences.

The team has hundreds of projects to their credit. Their knowledge of the event landscape — along with professionalism and attention to detail — enables them to address each new event with control and confidence. And, because they are on top of the latest trends and new technologies, WOW adds a touch of originality.

What project is your team most proud of?

In April of last year, GSoft asked us to organize an event to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The business wanted to escape the daily grind here in Montréal. So we reserved the Le Germain Charlevoix, a wonderful hotel in Baie-Saint-Paul with a magnificent view. The guests arrived by bus at noon on the Saturday, and were given free time in the afternoon. During the evening, we organized a standard dinner gala, but followed it with a twist: a surprise “glow in the dark” party. With 200 guests, ideally we would have had two rooms, but we only had one to work with. We handled this challenge by hiding the décor of the party behind black curtains. After the supper, we had only one hour to transform the room. With the help of a couple of hotel employees, we cleared the table and chairs. (Great team work!) Essentially, we wanted to create a WOW effect, and we succeeded despite constraints.

Party Fluo

How have you creatively solved problems?

Because of the short time we had to transform the room, we did a great job upstream. Therefore, everything was ready on time and no problems occurred. Much of the success of this event was because of its preproduction.

What are some upcoming event trends?

Food and ice cream trucks, mixologists and photo booths are all very popular. As are rustic but chic décor, such as using reclaimed wood and string lights. In terms of new technologies, we’re seeing more projections and illuminated floors, as well as interactive bracelets and virtual reality becoming more popular. We like to revisit themes such as disco, western, jungle and other that have become trendy once more.

Cheat Sheet

Company: Les Productions WOW
Twitter: @productionsWOW
Contact: Josée Cochelin, vice president


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