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Come Sail Away: Conventions & Corporate Events On A Boat

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Most song lyrics are open to interpretation. But we’re fairly certain that, in their 1977 progressive rock anthem, The Styx were referencing the meetings and convention industry.Come Sail Away” is clearly about treating your team to a boat-based adventure.

But in all seriousness, planners are increasingly choosing venues that offer more than a boardroom table and a projection screen. They’re looking to create impact, to make memories. And when a planner comes to us looking for a such type of venue, we invite them to sail off into the sunset. That’s where Croisières AML comes in.

Conventions & Corporate Events

Whether you are looking to host an intimate team cocktail or a boisterous educational seminar, Croisières AML offers plenty of buoyant options. With space for up to 1,000 guests, their boats — which can include full restaurant services — include a full range of event possibilities. While a small group can reserve a section of a public cruise for a leisurely team-bonding meal, a large group is able to book an entire boat. Should you require breakout rooms for teams to work autonomously, the multifunctional decks can accommodate up to four subsidiary events at the same time, all in the utmost privacy.

A nautical theme, while certainly appropriate, isn’t the biggest selling point here — it’s the sheer beauty of the setting. The AML fleet offers bright, spacious and air-conditioned spaces with unobstructed panoramic views of Montréal. Gliding along the river is a vantage point unparalleled by most offsite venues.

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Beyond the views

The benefits of holding your activity off-shore are numerous: privacy, atmosphere conductive to concentration and the pleasure of voyaging (and dining) on the Saint Lawrence River. The AML fleet includes the technical specifications that you’d expect from any reputable meeting space. Audiovisual equipment and support, for example, is included. Additionally, depending on the type of event, the sales staff is also able to help you plan décor, music and entertainment. Finally, the large selection of savoury menus — for lunch, buffet, dinner or cocktail reception —means that your guests are treated not only to spectacular vistas, but also a memorable culinary experience.

Cheat Sheet

Venue: AML Cruises
Location: Old Port, Montréal
Twitter: @Croisieres_aml
Contact: 1 866 856-6668,


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