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A Guide to Adding Food Trucks to Your Montréal Event

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When some folks think of food trucks, they imagine New York-style grub such as pretzels and hot dogs. This is not the style of the local street food in Montréal. In contrast, our food trucks offer up quality, variety and originality — and many are mobile extensions of successful brick and mortar restaurants. The food is sophisticated, yet affordable.

There are multiple reasons to bring a food truck to an event. For starters, it diversifies the dining options while bringing local flavour that attendees might not otherwise have time to access. In the past, events such as C2 Montréal and Startupfest have brought food trucks on site, much to the culinary pleasure of attendees.

If you think food trucks might be a good fit for your Montréal event, here’s how to get started.

How It Works

For most of Montréal’s food trucks, the process is straightforward. An event planner pays a flat fee for the truck to set up at an agreed upon location, plus an hourly rate for the time they are there. (Oftentimes two hours are included in the flat rate.)

If the company or association is paying for individual meals, you’ll need to multiply the menu prices by the number of attendees that will be dining. Some food trucks have a minimum number, such as 50 clients. For a large gathering, you’ll want to order several trucks.

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Tough choices!

One of the biggest challenges of organizing an event with food trucks is simply choosing from the more than 50 options. Here’s a quick sampling of what is available.

Local Heroes. With their fois gras poutine and “Duck in a Can,” the restaurant au Pied de Cochon has been a local institution for years — and now their food truck offers that hearty cuisine around the city. In 2015, Montréal’s Europea restaurant was named the best restaurant in Canada by travel website TripAdvisor, and their food truck delivers a mean lobster roll or pulled pork sandwich.

International Flavours. Grumman 78 has led Montréal’s food truck revolution with their high-end tacos that feature such ingredients as roasted duck and charred skirt steak. Speaking of tacos, Mi Corazon is a crowd-pleaser with their muy picante homemade sauce bar.  Das Truck offers a range of German-inspired items, including schnitzel and bratwurst. (For dessert, try the bacon-wrapped Oreo.) For authentic, thin-crust pizza invite Pizzéria No 900 to show up — it’s not delivery when it’s cooked on site!

Vegetarian Dreams. For the meatless members of your group, call upon The Green Panther for the perfect falafels and gigantic salads. Another popular option is Aux Vivres for their vegan chapati sandwiches and wholesome rice bowls.

To dive deeper into truck options, check out our 2016 guide to food trucks and street food.

How to reserve

While event organizers are able to make direct bookings with many food trucks, one of the easiest ways to reserve is through the Québec’s Food Truck Association. The governing body has 58 member trucks and is a helpful resource if your event requires multiple trucks.

Side note: The association has just launched a new mobile app! Pedro is a geolocation app synced with the local food truck schedule. It offers real-time updates, filters, menus and opening times to help users find the food truck that fits their appetite. It is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Photos: Susan Moss

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