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10 (More) Montréal Startups You Need To Know About

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Downtown from Mont Royal

Montréal means business. Our fair French-Canadian city is praised not only as a destination to work in tech or build a startup but also as a place to invest. In fact, it might just be the next jewel in the crown of the artificial intelligence and virtual reality industries. The coordination between various levels of Canada Governments along with the city’s post-secondary schools will play a huge role in Montréal’s success in technology (and beyond).

Contact MTL is a local initiative that brings together Montréal ambassadors of all backgrounds to promote the region’s business, academic, cultural and technological achievements. For a second year in a row, we’ve asked Andres (@andresrestrepo) — the social editor at ContactMTL — to scout a handful of startups that he thinks will have a huge success locally and internationally. Here are 10 of his picks, local disruptors prospering in the Greater Montréal area.



This unified multi-channel (SMS, web chat or Facebook Messenger) messaging solution for businesses, chatbots and software makers syncs conversations, connects to any CRM and automates customer service workflows. 

HYKSO Hykso’s wearable sensors promise to improve training in sports like boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Last month alone the company generated $360,000 USD in sales.

RETINAD The first analytics platform for virtual reality. Developers can sign up for free and start tracking hundreds of data points in less than 5 minutes. 


As an Internet of Things (IoT) Data Analytics company, they deliver actionable business insights to manufacturers of connected products. This market is huge and their products have the potential to make industries, homes and domestic appliances smarter. 

FELIX & PAUL The Montréal-based studio is dedicated to storytelling through the medium of cinematic virtual reality. The company has developed a full-stack VR technology platform — including proprietary VR camera systems and accompanying post-production software and process — which sets the industry standard for the highest-quality VR filmmaking. 

KINOVA ROBOTICS Good robots for people with disabilities and workers looking to interact with their environments more efficiently and safely. 

WRNCH This computer vision technology was founded by a successful serial visual computing entrepreneur with deep connections into the digital entertainment world. In a nutshell, it allows developers to exploit game engines to create rich augmented reality applications. WRNCH investors include Mark Cuban. 

HOMEHUNT  Pierre Sabbagh’s team at HomeHunt ( is working on an artificial intelligence that allows you to find your next home by messaging a chatbot. 

NAVUT  Navut provides a set of online tools that helps people find the neighborhood that’s best for them and relocate easily, efficiently, and stress free.


This expanding platform let travellers search, compare and book tickets from hundreds of bus companies in 10,000 cities across 63 countries and 500,000 bus routes


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