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5 Event Trends to Watch For in 2017

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As we barrel through the final quarter of 2016, we need to start looking forward into the upcoming year. What can we expect for 2017? What event trends will affect the industry?

Here are five of our predictions.

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The use of quietness

It’s a noisy world out there. While the inherent nature of events is to connect people (and verbal communication is crucial), moments of stillness or quietude serve a very important purpose. Silence is the perfect way to punctuate a full schedule, a busy agenda. Expect to see more chill out spaces, yoga/meditation classes and key note speakers incorporating moments of mindfulness into their presentations. 


The continued marriage of conference and festival (and you-name-it)

In the coming years, events will increasingly become moments in time where multi-disciplinary learning and eclectic entertainment coexist — and quite successfully, we might add. This makes sense. As individuals we have multiple passions and identities (businessperson, parent, athlete, foodie, musician, etc.), so why should conferences be one dimensional? Events such as SXSW and Montréal’s own C2 Montréal are prime examples of the fusion of business, technology and creativity. 

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The continued marriage of business and leisure

Business travellers do more than sit in board rooms and talk about financial forecasts. They also love to eat good food and visit luxury spas. This, of course, is not earth-shaking news. Increasingly we are seeing conference attendees pair vacation time with their business meetings — also known as “bleisure” travel. If you’re already at a great destination, then a couple days extra for leisure makes perfect sense. 

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More live video

Live video is the future of content. According to an estimate by networking-equipment maker Cisco, by 2020 75% of the world’s mobile traffic will be video. That’s huge. The big social media platforms — Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — are busy to prepare themselves for this inevitable future. For event planners, live video is a powerful way to promote future events, while interacting with viewers from around the world. 

millennial, business meeting

The retirement of the term “Millennials”

In the meetings industry (and cultural parlance in general), there is much fatigue around “the Millennial conversation.” Yes, this cohort makes up an important spending demographic, but so do a wide variety of other subgroups. According to an article on Skift, “Generation X-ers are tired of being outcast from the conversation revolving around Millennials’ supposed expertise with event technology, digital communications, and the future of meeting design.” In fact, Millennials don’t even talk about Millennials — largely because they don’t see themselves as a homogenous group. So let’s all move on now.

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