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5 Massive Montréal Projects to Be Unveiled in 2017

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Next year, 2017, is going to be huge for Montréal. The city turns 375 years old, and the major players across Montréal — festivals, hotels, museums and more — are getting on board for the celebrations.

The city will be buzzing with energy and rejuvenation. Case in point: urban renewal projects and large-scale art installations. Here are just a few of the initiatives you’ll see unveiled in 2017.

skate boarding, olympic stadium

Olympic Stadium Gets Rolling

In preparation for the Canadian skateboarding championships, a state-of-the-art skate park is coming to the esplanade on the grounds of the Olympic Stadium. The renovations will expand on the existing concrete and skate pipe that is already popular with skateboarders, making it a truly world-class destination for boarders. Read more. 

montreal, park, walkway

Urban Walkway: River to Mountain

The municipal government is planning to link the city’s two natural icons (the river and the mountain) with a pedestrian-friendly 3.8-kilometre stretch along the city’s streets. The multimillion dollar project will widen sidewalks, increase greenery and add public works of digital art. Appropriately, the trail will begin at the Pointe-à-Callière museum, which is located on the grounds of where Montréal was founded. Read more. 

cruise, ship, dock, travel

Restoration of Alexandra Pier

Montréal’s Old Port will be getting a $78-million facelift, which will enable the facility to welcome more cruise ships. Over the past several years, visitors arriving by cruise ships have steadily increased. The completely-rehauled station will provide even easier access to the popular Old Montréal neighborhood, and will feature a green roof and visitor information centre. Read more. 

bridge, jacque cartier, illumination

Illumination of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge

Entitled “Living Connections,” the illumination of Montréal’s most iconic bridge aims to showcase the city’s creative and engineering talents. The project will see 2,800 lights installed on the 2.5-kilometre structure and its turrets. The square lights will turn 365 shades of colours, depending on the season and events going on in the city. Read more. 

365 anniversary celebration

See the light: Notre-Dame Basilica

The Notre-Dame Basilica is a jewel in the Montréal’s religious and cultural heritage. A new project called À ciel ouvert will be created for 2017 in collaboration with multimedia entertainment gurus Moment Factory. The project will illuminate the basilica’s beauty and spiritual richness through an immersive experience designed to appeal to locals and visitors alike. Read more.


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