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8 must-read (non-event) blogs for meeting professionals

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Meeting professionals are a savvy bunch, always keeping an eye on world events, industry trends and new technologies. They understand that a political shift or shiny new gadget could have the potential to change the way we plan, organize and report on events.

Planners tend to have their own short-lists of favourite sources for news and information, but sometimes it’s fun to look a little further afield for fresh ideas and inspiration. Here are eight blogs to follow to stay ahead of the curve – and just for pure inspiration.


Folks who work in marketing-communications tend to think that everyone already knows about Mashable. And maybe you do. But if you don’t, we heartily recommend you check it out. Created in 2005 by Pete Cashmore from his home in Aberdeen, Scotland, Mashable is now arguably more of media outlet than a blog, but it is still chock full of breaking social media and entertainment news mixed with its eclectic brand of weirdness. Get comfy and jump down the rabbit hole!
Read it because: You’ll sound like the coolest kid on the cyber-block at the next brainstorm meeting.
Start here: How to use Instagram albums without losing all your followers
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @mashable 

Richard Branson’s Blog

Another heavy hitter in the blogosphere, Richard Branson talks about Virgin’s latest innovations, of course, but he is also preoccupied with the environment, finding work-life balance and getting the most out of life.
Read it because: It’s like having private coaching sessions with one of the top business leaders in the world.
Start here: How to be happy
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @richardbranson 

Buffer Social


Buffer is a social media management app and Buffer Social is their blog. But fear not, there’s no sales pitch here. Buffer is a great source of tips and ideas to make intelligent choices about managing your social media platforms.
Read it because: You’ll be more confident and informed about the social media choices you need to make in the future.
Start here: Why There’s No Perfect Time to Post on Facebook
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @buffer



Lifehacker’s motto is “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done”, which kinds of sums it up. Always clever, sometimes ingenious and often downright hilarious, you’ll often finding yourself leaving the site thinking, “Huh, I wish I someone had told me that sooner.”
Read it because: You will find time-saving and productivity tips you won’t find anywhere else.
Start here: Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should Have
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @lifehacker 

Workin’ It


Workin’ It is the blog of the software development company Scoro. Not only do the posts offer smart and actionable productivity tips, Workin’ It is a great example of B2B content marketing.
Read it because: Each post will motivate you to seize the day and jump into your tasks with passion.
Start here: 6 Steps to increase productivity at work (and finish the day earlier)
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @ScoroSoftware 

Design *Sponge


Grace Bonney launched the Design*Sponge blog in 2004 and it has been a daily dose of inspiration for readers around the globe ever since. The New York Times jokingly called her blog “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials”. Look for trending colours, textures and patterns, amazing before-and-afters and creative tips to make your next event stand out.
Read it because: You will find inspiration on every page.
Start here: 10 Tips for creating the perfect entertaining environment
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @designsponge 

Barking Up the Wrong Tree


Blogger Eric Barker gives you science-based answers for many of life’s most vexing questions and “expert insight on how to be awesome at life”.
Read it because: You’ll learn something interesting and new – and feel smarter!
Start here: How To Be Calm Under Pressure: 3 Secrets From A Bomb Disposal Expert
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @bakadesuyo 

Becoming Minimalist


Between Marie Kondo’s KonMari decluttering system and the release of the movie “Minimalism”, a lot of people are yearning to simplify their lives and live more happily with less. Joshua Becker’s blog takes a rational approach to the joys and struggles of minimalism.
Read it because: You will learn to let go of unnecessary clutter – physical and psychological – that is blocking your energy and progress.
Start here: The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @joshua_becker 

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