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7 Reasons Why Montréal is a Leader in Cutting-Edge Technologies

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Montréal is known as a charming destination with impressive international cuisine and cute French accents. And yes, we’re an attractive city, but we’re more than just a pretty face.

The city is quickly becoming one of North America’s leaders in cutting-edge technologies. Why is this? While many causational variables are at play, we’d like to think the city’s tech scene is booming because of a confluence of two important factors: creativity and affordability.

The proof is in the tech pudding. These leading international tech organizations (and local initiatives) are investing in Montréal — and subsequently proving the city’s status as an innovation hub.


Amazon is opening a data centre in Montréal

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be opening a Montréal-based hub in the coming year. AWS offers a portfolio of computer services for businesses delivered over the Internet, such as data storage and analytics. In a corporate blog post, the company said the data centre will be carbon-neutral.

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Artificial intelligence making possible new computer technologies

Microsoft is investing in Montréal with AI ambitions 

Microsoft recently announced its intent to acquire Montréal-based Maluuba, marking yet another milestone in their ambition to make AI more accessible and usable to every consumer, business and developer. As part of the investment, Microsoft will provide gifts for AI research of $6 million to the Université de Montréal and $1 million to McGill University. Each gift will be funded over a five-year period.

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université de Montréal

Google is opening a new AI lab (investing $3.4M in Montréal-based AI research)

Google has invested a total of $4.5 million CAD ($3.4M US) in AI research in Montréal’s Institute for Learning Algorithms, with an academic fund covering three years that will help pay for seven faculty members across various Montréal academic institutions, including the University of Montréal and McGill.

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Formula E Races montreal

Hydro-Québec is bringing the first “Formula E Races” to Montréal

The FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully-electric single-seater racing series, competing on the streets against the backdrop of some of the most iconic cities – including Hong Kong, Paris, New York and Montréal. The championship represents a vision for the future of the motor industry, serving as a platform to showcase the latest innovations in electric vehicle technology and alternative energy solutions.

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IBM is opening an AI lab in Montréal

The U.S. multinational tech company announced that it will open a laboratory in Montréal to strengthen its collaboration with the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA). MILA is the world’s largest research group in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning. It is based at Université de Montréal and brings together about 100 researchers. (Photo: Christian Fleury)

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montreal startups

This new tech conference is amplifying tech ecosystems

HUB Montréal will fulfill a few important mandates: highlight Montreal’s creative potential, foster its international outreach, and build a common space to regroup the forces of the creative industries. Think of it as a SXSW — but in Montréal. November 8-18, 2017.

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notman house

This collective is building Montréal’s Startup Ecosystem

Notman House is a physical campus dedicated to supporting the Montréal Startup ecosystem. The “house” provides office, event, and communal space for startups, investors, technology partners, and community groups — all while bringing together company and community builders.

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