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10 Reasons Why Montréal is Oh-So-Cool

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Today Montréal is celebrating a momentous anniversary. The French-Canadian metropolis is turning 375 years old! While we could come up with 375 points on why the city is cool, we figured that something more succinct would be appropriate. In no particular order, here are ten reasons to love Montréal.

people, dance, diversity

Diversity is embraced

Modern Montréal is a patchwork of culture and ethnicity. We pride ourselves on our African communities, our Italian influence and our Hispanic vibes. We speak French, English and some 80 other languages. We have a thriving LGBT community and push the envelope in women’s studies. You are welcome here. 

food, dinner, le local

There is delicious food everywhere

Last year food critic Alan Richman made a bold statement. He said that Montréal is the New Food Capital of North America. One thing is certainly true: the locals have an unshakable love affair with food. Restaurants across the city are affordable, and we eat out often. (Photo: Susan Moss)

Place des festivals

Festivals. Festivals. Festivals.

People call us a “city of festivals” for a reason — we have over 100 festivals each year. From food to street art to comedy (and everything in between), we love to gather and celebrate a little thing we like to call joie de vivre. The joy of living! 

International Startup Festival

Startup culture is booming

There’s something fresh about Montréal that’s making cutting-edge tech ideas come to life at a fast pace. Local startups are turning heads in a variety of industries — gaming, wearable tech, virtual reality, retail, ecotech — by doing what Montréal does best: being passionate about creativity. (Photo: Startupfest

penguin, biodome, family

It’s a family-friendly destination

Sure, we’ve got a reputation as exotic and playful. But Montréal has matured over the past few decades, and now offers a palette of experiences for all ages. From learning at the Science Centre to playing in local parks to seeing the animals at the Biodome, there is no shortage of fun for the whole family. (Photo: Susan Moss

Winter couple fun on snowshoe in Montreal


Another reason why Montréal is oh-so-cool? Because of a little season that we like to call winter. (That’s when Montréal is literally cool.) But get this: the city doesn’t hibernate in the chilliest months. Montrealers are happy to slap on snow shoes to explore the mountain or dance to electronic music at outdoor parties, such as Igloofest

downtown, city view, night

The thriving “AI” scene

For many years now, Montréal has been known for video games and pharmaceutical labs. Artificial Intelligence (AI), however, is scaled perfectly for a city full of universities where people are embarking upon some of the most visionary thinking in the world on the subject. (Check this: Big brands are taking note.) 

music, museum

Leonard Cohen

The Montréal-born troubadour became one of the most important creative voices of the 20th century. To honour his legacy, in autumn of 2017 the Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art will present an exhibition — A Crack in Everything — of Leonard Cohen’s contributions. The man might have been the very embodiment of cool. (Photo: M. J. Kim)  

boys, sunglasses, happy

Those charming accents

While nearly everyone you cross paths with in Montréal will be able to assist you in English, it’s always fun to have a few French phrases in your tool belt! Here are some simple phrases. (Photo: Richmond Lam)

crowd, palais

The world meets in Montréal

The city has recently ranked #1 in North America for hosting international conventions. This essentially means that organizations and corporations around the world have recognized the benefit of gathering in Montréal. We’re tickled pink! (Photo: Daniel Baylis)


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