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7 Event Ideas to Steal from C2 Montréal

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The sixth edition of C2 Montréal — a conference that fuses commerce and creativity — wrapped up last week. This year the event was bigger and better than ever, drawing innovators and business mavens from across the continent for three days of inspiring talks, helpful workshops, mind-expanding labs and more.

Besides the incredible entertainment and superior networking opportunities, one of the greatest things about C2 Montréal is the uninhibited imagination that goes into designing the space. The gathering has become an industry incubator of event ideas — stuff that savvy meeting planners might want to note!

Here are some of the things we loved (and recommend that you pilfer).

c2 montreal floating chairs

Small meetings in the sky. By taking attendees out of their physical comfort zones, it increases the chance that they’ll also get out of their mental comfort zones. In this case, groups of five perched in floating chairs, suspended a storey above the ground. Essentially: prime conditions to become “unstuck” creatively. [photo: Daniel Baylis]

c2 Montreal isolation chambers

Isolation chambers. Just because we’re attending a conference, doesn’t mean a break from responding to emails. These phone booth-esque chambers were ideal to block out the hustle and bustle of the conference, so that attendees could focus on a phone call or an email, or even a quick meditation session. [photo: Eva Blue]

c2 montreal 360 degree stage

360˚ stage. Some of the biggest rock stars in the world have done this. (You may have heard of a band called U2?) Putting a presenter at the centre of the action harkens back to early Greek amphitheatre lectures. The speaker is less removed, and the power dynamic is subsequently less pronounced. [photo: Eva Blue]

C2 Montreal cake

Bake a cake. What happens when everyone pitches in? “Cake” was a lab at C2 Montréal, a collective creation that busied hands and liberated minds in the spirit of a true Montréal kitchen party. As the saying goes: the team that bakes together, makes good decisions together. (That’s the saying, right?) However you slice it, a quick and achievable project is always good for building teams. [photo: Daniel Baylis

c2 montreal braindates

Braindates. Powered by Montréal’s E-180, Braindates are one-on-one meetings where you connect with folks who have something to teach or are looking to learn. Essentially, the innovative platform helps you find like-minded people for networking opportunities. It’s like Tinder for the brain. [photo: Daniel Baylis

c2 montreal aquarium

Fish bowl interviews. Visually impactful, the “aquarium” was an opportunity to listen to the hard-earned wisdom of some of the most influential business minds in the world. The interviews were also recorded, so attendees would have access at later points. [photo: Eva Blue]

c2 montreal acrobats

Acrobats and clowns. A performance artist can playfully “disrupt” your event. What does this mean? It simply means keeping your attendees on the edge of their seats. Nothing threatening, rather an opportunity to awaken awe and expand thinking. (Side note: Montréal is the birth place of contemporary human-centred circus. The city features many troupes and schools, meaning that a range of circus artists can be incorporated into your event.) [photo: Eva Blue]


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