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Montréal’s prestige executive retreats are perfect locations for rejuvenation and creativity

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Finding the perfect host location for an executive retreat poses unique challenges: your guests will require somewhere equal parts relaxing and rejuvenating and promotes creative free thinking for the year ahead. While a break from the mundane obligations of the office plays a big part in an executive retreat, somewhere equally conducive to inspiring teamwork makes for the ideal venue. Embracing the city’s unique blend of old world glamour and new world innovation, Montréal’s prestige locations are perfect for your next executive retreat.


The Saint James Club
Capacity: Open to parties from 2 to 180
The oldest private business club in Canada, the Saint James Club was founded in 1857 and guarantees the royal treatment for an unforgettable retreat. Taking up 28,000 square feet at the corner of Union Avenue and René-Lévesque Boulevard – right in the downtown core. 


The McGill Faculty Club
Capacity: Smallest room: 16, Largest room: 100
The definition of stately, the McGill Faculty Club includes a variety of golden-hued rooms including a lounge, reading room, dining room, writing room and full bar facilities. 


The Salon in the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts
Capacity: From 22 seated to 90 for cocktails
With a view out over bustling Crescent and Sherbrooke streets, the Salon at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts elevates any meeting into a work of art. Floor to ceiling windows keep the space bright and welcoming, and the Museum’s invigorating world-class collections are mere steps away. 


The Terrace or Space D at Centre Phi
Capacity: The Terrace has room for 45 for cocktails while Space D can hold between 110 in “School” formation to 265 standing for drinks and mingling
One of the city’s coolest and most forward-thinking locations is nestled right in the heart of Old Montréal. From outside appearances, the Phi Centre fits in perfectly with the surrounding grand old buildings, but indoors is where this museum specializing in virtual reality and cutting-edge art shines. Transformable spaces provide almost endless options. 


Loft Hotel
Capacity: Up to 550 for cocktails in the St-Denis Hall
An example of re-used and rejuvenated spaces, the Loft Hotel was originally one of Montréal’s first auto dealerships. The available spaces range from a grand ballroom to a car-sized elevator with seating for more intimate meetings. 


Mount Stephen
Capacity: Rooms range from 4 guests for intimate meetings to 450 for bigger events
With seven event spaces – two of which are outdoor terraces – the Mount Stephen offers both classic opulence and cutting-edge modernity under the same roof. Either direction you choose to go, your attendees will feel like VIPs. 


Espace 360 at Pointe à Callière
Capacity: 60 seated to 175 standing
With an unbeatable view that we’ve gushed about before, the Espace 360 at Pointe à Callière will make any groups feel they’re at the top of the world. With easy access to outdoor terraces and vistas that just won’t quit, it’s a truly inspiring venue. 


Salle Notre-Dame at the Notre Dame Basilica
Capacity: 60
Perfect for groups up to 60, the Notre-Dame Hall is lit by elegant large windows and an enviable, historic location. A wander under the gilded archways of the Basilica itself on downtime guarantee a jolt of divine inspiration. 


Château Dufresne
Capacity: From 20 seated banquet style to 100 for cocktails
Pretty as a film set – for which it’s been used on multiple locations – the Château Dufresne is a perfect piece of Montréal’s glorious past in which everyone feels like a million bucks. 


Salon Rouge at Monument National
Capacity: 50-100.
Grand windows, wood trim, and shining hardwood floors – the Salon Rouge makes quite the impression. Share ideas and anecdotes down the gorgeous long wooden table that bisects the room, and take in the views across downtown Montréal. 


Salon d’honneur or Salon Urbain à Maison Symphonique
Capacity: 250 seated – 500 standing
Capacity: 60 for cocktails
A pair of unique design-savvy rooms in which your attendees will feel the pulse of the city’s arts headquarters the Place des Arts all around them. Whether it’s the space-age Salon Urbain or the storied foyer of the Maison Symphonique, your groups will be left suitably energized by their surroundings. 


On a river cruise with Bateau Mouche or AML
Capacity: 140 on main deck and 50 on private upper deck including seated dinner, music accompaniment and light show
Capacity: Groups as small as 30 to events for up to 750
All aboard! The river cruises offered by Bateau Mouche or AML will keep any executive retreat on the move, with options for meetings, parties and tasty meals with the moving backdrop of Montréal and the shores of the Saint Lawrence River passing by. 

Marriott Château Champlain Etude Champlain Meeting Room

Étude Champlain or Maisonneuve Penthouse at Château Champlain
Capacity: The Étude Champlain is perfect for seated parties up to 26 and 50 for reception, while the Maisonneuve Penthouse can seat 60 or host 350 standing
Built for Expo67, the Château Champlain offers two of the city’s finest gems for executive retreats in the form of the Maisonneuve Penthouse and the Étude Champlain. We’ve effused before about the stunning views of the city from the penthouse and the epic grandeur of the Étude Champlain and your attendees will love them too. 

d sens

Réunion D Sens
Capacity: Perfect for small meetings up to 12 in the Library, and up to 120 in the Backyard space.
The pair of uniquely inspiring rooms at D Sens promise a multi-sensory experience for attendees. While the cozy Library is perfectly suited for smaller meetings, the Backyard gives the feel of a cabin camping excursion while keeping warm and dry indoors. Either way, the D Sens won’t be soon forgotten.

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