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RoboCup 2018 comes to Montréal

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Named Intelligent Community of the Year by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), Montréal’s high ranking internationally in science and knowledge has long been commemorated and celebrated. A particular area of local expertise, Montréal’s accomplishments in Artificial Intelligence research and development has captured the world’s imaginations – and from June 18-22, 2018 the leading figures in robotics and AI are gathering in the city for RoboCup 2018.

Domo arigato Monsieur Roboto

It’s not often where the robots outnumber the humans in attendance, but RoboCup promises over 5000 robots to the conference’s 4000 attendees. Researchers from 35 countries will engage face to face with the latest cutting-edge robotics technology throughout the host venue Palais des congrès de Montréal, our major convention centre right in the heart of the city.

But there’s more than just research going on – RoboCup is also one of the world’s coolest competitions, with robots battling it out in four major leagues and three junior leagues ranging from robots capable of housework (a la The Jetsons) to edge of your seat soccer games. And even cooler is the RoboCup Federation’s openness to participants as young as 11 years old up to those enrolled in Postdoctorate studies competing in the same ring.

Palais_des_congres Wikimedia Commons

A place for serious study

RoboCup’s Symposium offers professionals and researchers the chance to disseminate their latest findings to their international colleagues, and includes Keynote presentations by internationally famed robotics experts Yoshua Bengio, Jeannette Bohg, and Torsten Kroeger. Some of the biggest minds in AI, deep learning, and robotics will be in attendance setting the course for future developments.

A conference for kids of all ages

Opening up the world of robotics and AI to all, the RoboCup’s Innovation Summit offers workshops and building sessions available over the course of the weekend – including the chance to build and take home your own robot. From coding for kids to a look at robotic arms used in space (go Canadarm!), here’s a conference open to the whole family.

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