MTLàTABLE gives back to La Tablée des Chefs with the support of Desjardins

On November 14, the day after our great gourmet celebration comes to an end, 15 restaurants along with professional chefs and volunteers took part in a major initiative to prepare 3,000 servings of spaghettiwhich were distributed to local community organizations.

With support from Desjardins, Tourisme Montréal partnered with La Tablée des Chefs, an organization that feeds people in need and develops food education programs for youths.

More than 3,000 servings (200 per restaurant) were prepared and distributed to 15 local community organizations.

Montréal is a city that loves food, but it’s also a generous place where people value quality of life and mutual aid. In an effort to reflect this generosity and commitment to social causes, MTLàTABLE has decided to serve those who don’t have the chance to enjoy the city’s fine food offering.

Watch this video to learn more about La Tablée des Chefs !